Affected by Rare Disease This Woman Often Fainting If Laughing Out Loud

maggie saunders rare disease

Really unfortunate fate befell Maggie Saunders (31), women who often faint if laughing out loud because of a rare disease. Not surprisingly, Maggie must avoid things or a spectacle that could have invited her to laugh.

Worse, Maggie had the condition since she was very young. When she was 19 years old, Maggie was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope (VVS). Vasovagal syncope is a condition in which a trigger can cause the heart rate slows, and the brain will be deprived of oxygen. In other words, fainting.

Shortly after her mother died at the age of 45 years, a further investigation revealed the existence of heart problems in Maggie or women who suffer from a rare disease. Not only that, but Maggie also diagnosed has a heart blocking condition level three.

Although not related to the habit of fainting, this is a serious condition in which the electrical pulses that control the heartbeat disrupted, causing abnormal heart rhythms.

As a solution, small cardiac pacemakers will be installed within the body of Maggie. This small device will shock the heart that pulsed back if stopped.

Maggie was very sad with this condition. She admitted to not being able to have a normal love life because of this illness.

“If you’re going on a date with someone, he will almost certainly take you out to eat. The problem is if I laugh too often or eating foods that stodgy I fainted,” said Maggie.

Moreover, Maggie is also forbidden to consume foods such as potatoes, pasta, eggs, or soft drinks. Maggie is really unfortunate.


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