Exposed to Mysterious Disease, Young Men’s Face Looks Like 80-Year-Old Grandfather

yuan taiping mysterious disease

Yuan Taiping is a 30-year-old man whose face looks like an 80-year-old grandfather. Yuan Taiping is a resident of Chongqing, the western part of China that is due to a strange disease that makes him such an old man at a young age due to a mysterious illness.

This weirdness begins since Yuan Taiping age 21-year-old because his body looks getting older, but the entire hair is still black, as reported by the Central European News (CEN).

“When all this happened, initially my hands and feet swell, and then sign wrinkles appeared on my face. Nowadays everything is getting worse and worse every year. I often felt tired lately,” complained Taiping.

No doctor can diagnose this condition, but surprisingly, the younger brother of Taiping named Yuan Taihua aged 25 years, and some other villagers were reported to have the same conditions as Taiping.

According to the Central European News, health experts hypothesized that the disease could be acromegaly, a condition in which the body produces excess hormone. However, further tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis.

“I ask for the help of many people. Please help me to find the cause of this condition and teach me how to cure it,” said Taiping through CEN.


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