Stroke Staking People Who Sleep Less Than 6 Hours

stroke sleep less

Beware of your health if often less sleep at night. A recent study found it has been associated with a high risk of having metabolic syndrome. Some diseases that can arise from this syndrome are diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

From studies conducted over two years found that people who sleep less than six hours per day had a risk of metabolic syndrome by 41 percent compared to those who sleep 6-8 hours per day. The study involved adults with a total of 2,600 samples.

“Someone who has a shorter sleep clock must be aware of the risk of developing metabolic syndrome that can increase their risk of chronic disease,” said Dr. Jang Young Kim, principal investigator from the Yonsei University, South Korea, as quoted from Detik Health.

It’s just that these studies still have shortcomings. Observations do not obtain data about the quality of sleep. Results obtained from the information of participants who reported on their sleep habits, medical conditions, until lifestyle. Even so, the study is still in conformity with the results of other studies that examine the similar things.

For example, according to the researchers about sleep from the University of Chicago, Kristen Knutson, short sleep is associated with the development of metabolic syndrome in the body. Someone needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle to cope with this syndrome. Keeping sleep patterns, controlling healthy diet and exercising are several ways that can be achieved.

“Until now, only with a healthy lifestyle including proper hours of sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise that can be beneficial to your health,” said Knuston.


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