5 Easy and Natural Ways to Overcome Sore Throat

overcome sore throat

A sore throat often strikes when the immune system is weak. For example, when someone is too tired and was forced to continue to perform activities, the body tend to be weak and easily infected with the bacteria. Either bacteria or viruses can freely attack the body. While the immune system is unreliable at that time.

The main key to curing this inflammation is to improve immunity. But can also be coupled with some simple ways to kill germs that trigger it. Some recommended natural ways are as follows =

  1. Prepare a solution of warm water and salt.
    Use to gargle several times a day. Salt can reduce inflammation and kill germs that cause it.
  2. Drink tea mixed with lemon and honey.
    When drunk warm, a mixture of this natural ingredient that can heal the pain in the throat. Lemon can thin the mucus. Warm water can relax the muscles of the throat. While honey is useful as an immune enhancer and as well against germs that trigger pain.
  3. Drink warm milk mixed with turmeric powder.
    This herb is useful to overcome various kinds of infections and boost immunity. Turmeric also act as a natural antibiotic that can fight bacteria.
  4. Meet the needs of body fluids.
    Drink plenty of water to keep the mucus membranes to keep it moist. It is useful in reducing irritation of the throat. This helps in the fight against infection.
  5. Do not smoke or exposure to cigarette smoke.
    Cigarette smoke can make a sore throat worse. Infections in the throat become more ache.

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