Hand Pain After Use Smartphone Maybe Exposed to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

hand pain carpal tunnel syndrome

If your hands feel the pain that tends to settle, perhaps it is influenced by the habit of using a smartphone. Pain is mainly felt in the wrist and fingers. For example, thumb and index finger are having pain and numbness for several months. If you have these symptoms and have a history of very active play gadget, you should immediately see a doctor.

A disease that attacks the hands due to the use of the gadget is called carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a health problem due to strain injuries that occur repeatedly. The median nerve at the wrist is experiencing continuous pressures that trigger pain, numbness, and tingling.

This median nerve is located passes through a carpal tunnel. The nerve runs from the forearm until towards the palm. When the carpal tunnel is experiencing repetitive stress, it affects the work of the median nerve.

“Usually the syndrome occurs due to genetic factors or habits. But this time syndrome like this is often found in patients who are using smartphones in excess. For such cases, they should start treatment include limiting the use of the smartphone,” said dr. Shah Maninder Singh, an orthopedic surgeon from Spinal Injuries Centre in India, as quoted from Detik Health.

In the case of the use of smartphones that are too active, usually, the thumb moves more awkward. Then, there was a sense of tension and stress in the muscles or nerves because often repeat the movement and lead to injury.

“It also can cause tendinitis in the wrist and finger joints and arthritis in the thumb. It can also cause pain in the tip of the thumb. Improper placement of the hands and shoulders resulting in pain in the shoulder and neck,” said dr. Pradeep Moonot, orthopedist from Saket City Hospital in Mumbai.


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